Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting - Importance of care and company

Our Pets have the tendency to become stressed or depressed when not under the care and protection of their families. In addition to simply providing fresh food and water, giving love and care makes my style of Pet sitting  essential for your pets well-being while you are away.


If you have to travel or you have to do something different than your normal daily routine and can not take your pet, I offer house visit services.  This visit includes feeding, medications, cleaning the litter box or letting your dog out and clean-up, as well as TLC and play time.  I also do basic house care such as picking up your mail, watering the plants and turning on/off lights so that you can travel free of worries and be able to allow your pet to remain at their home during your absence.

Visit Duration

30 or 60 minutes for dogs and cats.  Depending on the number of pets a visit can include a 15min walk for dogs.  Please See Prices for details regarding number of pets.

15 minutes for Reptiles, Small Caged Animals, Birds and Fish- $14.00

1-3 visits per day can be done depending on the needs of your pets.



If you need your animals to be accompanied overnight I also offer an overnight service to stay with your pets at your house.  This service is ideal as it will not disturb your pets routine and they can be accompanied during the night.  It is also indicated for pets who have special needs: new borns, puppies, geriatric pets, pets with health problems or for pets who are simply very anxious during your absence. This service includes the same as above. A 15 minute evening and additional morning walks can be added for dogs. This visit is approximately 10 hrs, arriving between 8-9pm and leaving in the morning between 6-7am. This service is not available on Thanksgiving, Christmas eve and day, New Years eve and day. See Prices