Dog Walking

Dog walking services are ideal for people  who are away from home throughout the day and whose dogs do not receive human affection during this time.  Also, this service is recommended for people who would like their dog to exercise and or socialize in controlled environments with no risks.  This way you can focus on your daily activities with the satisfaction that your dog will be walked and spend the rest of the day calm and unstressed.

Dog Walking in College Park, Orlando FLDog Walking - daily importance

A daily walk is a fundamental activity as well as a basic need for the physical health of your dog. Adequate energy expenditure leads to their improved mental well being.   Daily physical activity creates a healthy lifestyle for your dog as well as lets them participate in normal canine behavior like exploring, following scents, etc.

Research shows that dogs that are walked daily for 1 hr are healthier and more receptive, while dogs that do not walk daily show stressed behavior, anxiety, aggression or boredom. (Defra, 2009), (Chauvet et al., 2011)  and (Bland et al., 2009).

Having a dog requires many responsibilities, one of which is a daily walk, not only so they can perform their physiological needs but also for socialization, exercise and to adapt to both people and noise. It is important to remember that only “letting the out” in the backyard is not allowing them continuous endorphin releasing exercise that comes through continuous play or a long walk. Your dog should be balanced so their emotional level is stable and you have a happy pet. This is why a daily walk of 45min - 1hr is recommended. PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Sean Wensley, says:

“It’s worrying to discover so many pets aren’t getting the exercise they need – or any at all in some cases. Daily walks are essential to keep pets’ weight in check and to keep their joints, muscles and mind active and healthy.” (Irish Veterinary Journal Volume 62 Number 9 P 567, Sep 1 2009)

Overweight or obese dogs  may be predisposed to orthopedic disease, diabetes mellitus, abnormalities in circulating lipid profiles, cardiorespiratory disease, urinary disorders, reproductive disorders, dermatological diseases, and neoplasia (e.g., mammary tumors and transitional cell carcinoma). (German, 2006)


Some owners prefer their dogs be walked alone while others prefer that they are accompanied by other dogs so they have better socialization which is why both individual and group walks are offered. For each case a route will be designed according to the residential area and nearby dog parks.

Group Walk

This type of walk is done with a maximum of 4 dogs to guarantee the best attention for your dog. In order for this to be an option, a prior visit will be done with the other dogs in the group to assure that they get along and that it will be a positive experience for all.  Note- this is traditionally done with dogs who are already neighborhood friends.

Individual Walk

This type of walk is intended for owners who prefer that their dog be walked alone.  Likewise, some dogs require special attention due to their age, health, physical and social capacities. If you consider this to be the case with your dog, I will work with you to design a special plan for them.

Puppy Walk

Dogs under 1yo need to be go outside every 3-4 hrs for their adequate development and socialization so they become better adjusted to other animals, both their own species and others and are able to tolerate environmental stimuli they will encounter throughout their lives.  This is a 30 min walk done 2 times a day and can be in group or with other puppies.

Geriatric Dog Walk

Geriatric dogs commonly need to relieve themselves more frequently than when they were younger. If they are accustomed to waiting all day until their owner comes home but can no longer tolerate this they may become stressed or relieve themselves inside the house; for this dog, it is recommended they go out twice a day for 30min.

Special Note

I am the only person who picks up your dog, walks him/her and returns them.  It is my custom to send 1-3 photos of your dog during and/or immediately following the visit. See Plans and Prices