About me

My name is Maria Fernanda (MaFe), I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia where I worked as a Physical Therapist and PT professor. I also treated injured animals including cats with amputations, dogs with partial spinal cord injury and paraplegia, joint injuries from vehicle-dog accidents, as well as physical therapy for horses with muscular overuse injuries. I helped my own cat give birth to three baby kittens. During my inter-semester and summer vacations there I worked in home pet care and dog walking.

Pet Care, Dog Walking, Pet Sitter in College Park, Orlando FL
Hi I´m MaFe

My family and I (including Ni-Luh and Zuri, our Ragdoll and Angora cats) now live in College Park, Orlando, FL. I am an animal lover with ample experience in the care of small animals.

About Pet Care Services

The pet care services I offer are primarily Dog Walking (Individual, Group and Puppy) and Home Care Visits (Pet Sitting) but also include additional service such as Pet Photography and Pet Taxi. These services are numerous; I like to give many options so that each pet owner can create an individualized plan that works best for them and their pet family.

The results of my services will reflect directly in the quality of life of your pets and as a result in your satisfaction as their owners. The first part to achieving this begins with an Initial Visit so that I can meet both you and your pets and get to know their personalities, nuances, individual needs and hear any suggestions or concerns. I am committed to helping you design the best plan that will adapt to both your needs and the needs of your pet(s) and I am open to resolving questions, concerns and suggestions for the improvement of the services offered.